Massage Champions Events Policy

1. Purpose

This policy is designed to cover any live events run by Massage Champions, for example training events, workshops, round tables or independent retreats.

2. Enrolment

Enrolment in an event happens by signing up on our website using the secure sign up and payment form. Confirmation will be sent by email, with details of the event including date, time and location.

3. Payments

All payments for event tickets are required in advance and will be processed by secure payment on our website or as otherwise arranged. Payments are in AUD unless otherwise specified. We use a secure web payment system and do not store credit card details at all.

4. Refunds

If you purchase a ticket to an event and cancel up to 30 days before the event, a full refund will be issued. You must notify us by writing (email) to [email protected] or using the information provided on the ticket or at time of purchase. If it is less than 30 days prior then a refund will be at the discretion of Massage Champions.

5. Privacy

We will request and keep your contact details in order to communicate with you before and after the event. We may also share specific details with other event organisers if appropriate, for example dietary requirements if there is catering.

Check our full privacy policy here for more information on our data storage and privacy procedures.

6. Photos and Reviews

In any live event, paid or free, we may take photos or video footage, in which attendees may appear. By attending you agree that we can use this footage in our marketing, for example on social media or on our website, or for future training or in any other way we see fit providing we are respecting your rights under law. We will also from time to time ask if attendees wish to write reviews or appear in video or other forms of testimonials. Attendees have no obligation nor monetary reward for doing this, however we will thank you! And if you do agree to appear in a testimonial then you agree that we may choose to use that in our marketing or training.

7. Activity cancellation

In the unlikely event that for any reason an activity needs to be cancelled by us (the organisers) we will contact you by email or phone to organise a transfer to another event or issue a full refund wherever possible.

8. Certificates and Records of Attendance

Certificates of attendance or completion are available for all events longer than 2 hours, and may be used for example to request CPE points. These certificates will be available upon completion or at request within 30 days after an event. We keep records of attendance and completion for a minimum of 12 months after each event.

9. Feedback

After completion you may be requested to provide feedback by filling in a form. This helps us to improve our services. You can also get in touch to give feedback using any of the methods outlined on our Contact page on this website.

Maintenance of Academic Transcripts Policy

1. Purpose

This policy describes how we create and keep our academic records, for events or programs that attract a Certificate of Attendance, a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Competency. It is important to us that training records are accurately kept so that students, clients and governing bodies can trust the integrity of the industry.

2. Policy Statement

Certificates are created and distributed after each event or program completion within 30 days or upon request. They may be presented either as a hard copy or by digital delivery.

Client / student information is stored securely within our Client Relationship Management software, and may include the name of the student, their contact details, and the dates which they attended or completed any trainings.

We do not store any credit card details or other payment information. Instead we rely on secure, international-standard payment gateways to handle payment details.

The student data we keep for academic purposes is retained for a minimum of 12 months and a replacement certificate may be requested at any time during that period. We can remove your data at any time upon request, as required by Australian privacy legislation.