This stay-at-home Dad quadrupled his business in 10 weeks

Damon Mortley is a massage therapist and stay-at-home Dad who started his own massage business from home, but felt like no matter what he tried it just wasn’t working.

He was stuck seeing only a handful of clients each month, despite connecting with local gyms and trying a bunch of social media. In this interview you’ll hear exactly what he did to turn this around.

Damon shares the action steps he used on Facebook and an incentive strategy he created for connecting with fitness businesses. Using these new strategies he did so well that he doubled his business in a month… and then doubled it AGAIN in the next month!

The new clients mean Damon is living his purpose, treating amazing clients and getting the cashflow he needs through his business to support his family

Watch for his full story and to see how you can follow the same steps!

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  1. Beni Burgess
    Beni Burgess says:

    I am one of these Massage Therapist that need to move forward with 10 clients a week. But its not happening!

    • Elicia
      Elicia says:

      Hey Beni! I’d love to chat with you about it to see if or how we can help. If you fill out the form on this page that says “Claim a free clarity session” I can make a time with you to learn more about your situation. Best wishes, Elicia


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