The 3 Mistakes Every “Newbie” Massage Therapist Makes

I’ve been in the biz a LONG time and have witnessed A LOT of NEWBIE Massage Therapists make the SAME 3 MISTAKES every time.

Their FIRST mistake is not taking enough ACTION!

They think that working for themselves means they have ALL the TIME in the world to get stuff done and take teeny-tiny steps (or none at all), then wonder WHY they’re not moving forward.

Their SECOND mistake is that they don’t BACK themselves!

They have their qualifications but don’t feel like they have the authority to own them because they haven’t been in the industry for a BAZILLION years.

Their THIRD mistake is thinking that they have to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, and all of it at the same time!

They spend SO much time focused on how they can achieve their DREAM goals for the future that they lose sight of what they need to in the NOW to make it happen.

Watch the video here:

When you watch my video, see if any of these mistakes sound familiar, and touch base if you want some help to get past them!

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