Step 5 - Growth

Reasons you need to think bigger than you currently are

3 Reasons you need to think bigger – than you currently are

I talk to a lot of massage therapists and there are often some frustrations around growth such as;
1.    They don’t know what steps they need to take in order to grow their business
2.    They actually don’t back themselves enough so they will put things in place to sabotage their results
3.    They don’t know where to go for help
4.    Ultimately they are afraid of failure – so they don’t even take the first step

So the first step towards change is awareness. When you are aware of a result or behavior that you no longer believe is serving you – then it’s time to get curious about it and make a decision about what result or behavior you want in your life and then look for someone who you can model.

Number 1: You need to help more clients.

Massage is an incredible gift, epically for those in pain, the more people we see  the more people we can help – one massage at a time.

Number 2. We need to learn to be conformable in the uncomfortable

The more we venture outside of what we know as ‘normal’ the more we grow. The more outside of our comfort zone we go – the more growth we experience. If what we currently know is contained in a circle then in order for the circle to get bigger and for our individual knowledge to grow we need to step outside the circle to ‘where the magic happens’  which can be uncomfortable at times – or can be really fun if you thrive on variety and like a challenge! Then the magic circle piece can squeeze back in and cause your circle to get bigger. One of the sure fire ways to not grow is to allow analysis paralysis to set in and stop anything that makes us venerable or feel uncomfortable. The only way we grow is to experience the wonder of being uncomfortable and to embrace it.

Number 3.The more we grow, the more we can contribute. 

We want to leave a legacy for those behind us – make the world a better place  We yearn to grow and to share our knowledge with others
We often have a belief that growing a business or selling more stuff is selfish and so we shy away from it. Really? The more people we massage and the more we grow our businesses, the deeper the impact we have on the world.
One of my passions is Child Sponsorship through Compassion Australia. We have 4 Sponsor children in our care now. It’s all about educating the child and community though programs that are culturally relevant and they are starting to see real breakthroughs in community’s and in countries.   They say that if you own a fridge – you are in the top 5% of people in the world.  That means that 95% of the world’s population – don’t have a fridge. One of my goals is to collectively sponsor 100 Children in the next 5 years. If you own a fridge or a car for that matter – you are in the top 2% of people in the world. Regardless of how tough you think you might be doing it…. We are super blessed to have the opportunity’s that we do.

So why is growing a must for you in your business right now? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and tell me why you know you need to grow!

Reasons you need to think bigger than you currently are



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