Make Life Happen

Make Life Happen

This is more of an inspiration post today rather than sharing about a specific topic.

I’m Elicia, I’m a Massage Therapist and business coach and I have a massive burning passion to teach therapists how to run a successful massage business and help even more people.

This week I am at a business development retreat at Hamilton Island – Tough I know right!

But things were not always this way. Just a few years back, I was working 7 days a week, not available for my kids and still not making any money.

As I travelled up yesterday, I was in the car on the way to the airport with 2 other amazing coaches who are an a mission to make the world an amazing place in a big way, One of the guys was sharing his vision for his life and he has had people comment that It’s easy for him because….. for what ever reason. He’s fit, he’s making money, he’s successful so of course, life must be easy!

But here’s the thing, sometimes when we see someone succeeding and doing awesome stuff – what we don’t see is the blood sweat and tears that initiated that momentum. Because we all have stuff happen in our lives. And honestly, most of the time, it’s been big stuff. Big scary massive shit that goes down.

Here’s the thing, the only difference between someone who is succeeding now is not their story, it is what they let define them. You see we can allow the past to define who you are OR you can choose who you want to become.

Ask yourself these questions:

Who Am I?

Who Do I Want To Be?

What Do I Need To Do To Be That?

What Do I Need To Have In My Life To Support Those Beliefs?

Then implement it. That’s it. Monumental change happens in a moment. We are pretty it up, procrastinate or allow fear to take over but at the end of the day, if you are allowing the past to define you, only you can change that but the awesome thing is, that change can happen in an instant.

If this is you, and you would like some help working through these issues, reach out and get in touch, that’s what a coach does.

Bless you all,




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