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Let’s talk MONEY.

Right now, let’s talk MONEY.

So many therapists are SOOO fearful of putting up their prices.

Pricing is actually about knowing your NICHE as much as it is about believing in yourself.

BUT in case you missed it – remember that people will not come and see you if they can’t put food on the table. The people who DO come and see you often have 2 cars, a gym membership, possibly paying for Private Health Insurance – So for them, paying an extra $80 – $110 a week or a month for an amazing massage is NOTHING.

But here is the thing…. SOME therapists think they have to take food off their OWN table to do their massages, because they really just want to be able to make it “accessible” it to “everyone”.

But this thinking KILLS the whole business in the end! (And then you can’t help anyone…)

When we work with therapists, we always talk about Pricing – what are you charging now and what do you WANT to be charging… and WHEN are you putting it up?

In week 2 of our 6-week program we also talked about Niche.

The big key to success here is “Niche Profitability”. If you have targeted a niche that can’t afford what you do – then choose a different niche! Talk to the new niche and charge what you are WORTH!

(Then if you want to, you can give free massages to people that you feel need the support)

Now, if you have recently increased your price or are already charging $85 or more – then you can go on with your day and ROCK ON ($90+ is even better!!)!

But if you have NOT had a price rise yet or are charging LESS than the minimum – then you must put them up. So work out what you need to charge based on what you need to open your business doors and support your lifestyle… then add another 10%! (because things don’t always work as planned!)

Charge more – the only way we can move this industry forward is for US to value what we do. When we value what we do, others will too.

Hot Tips:

  1. Those that don’t value it – are NOT a values match
  2. Those that struggle to pay for it but really want/need it – WILL MAKE a way
  3. Someone WILL object to your price rise
  4. Do the price rise ANYWAY!
  5. No one went broke from charging more – promise!



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