Ep24: Kristy Rackham’s holistic approach to therapy – from massage to mental health

I think we can all agree that the BEST state of health happens when there is a harmonic balance of mind and body wellness.

As massage therapists, when we’re treating the body, we may also notice the emotional and mental challenges our clients are facing and just how much the physical and psychological are linked!

But, how can both be treated?

Taking a holistic approach to the treatment of clients is a journey Kristy Rackham knows ALL about. From Massage Therapist to Energy Mastering Mentor and Holistic Nurse, Kristy’s treatments combine registered nursing and alternative therapies to help UNLOCK people’s vitality and give them the tools to transform their health for life.

Kristy’s story is AMAZING to listen to and filled with so much knowledge on helping people to achieve the right balance of mind and body in order to thrive every day.


Watch the video:

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