How To Go From "Hobby" to Creating A Deeply Rewarding Business - Even In An Economic Downturn

How To Go From “Hobby” to Creating A Deeply Rewarding Business – Even In An Economic Downturn

Are you looking for an amazing read? A book that will challenge your way of thinking and your mindset?

We are well and truly into the new year and you may be feeling like your resolutions are falling flat and that fire inside started off with strong intentions but is slowly burning out and needs to be relit.

You love what you do but struggle with the business side of things, self belief, resilience and the strength to step back up when things are hard. You might even be feeling a little ‘out of love’ with your business after the last few years of uncertainty.

Introducing ‘Fully Booked Without Burnout’ The Massage Therapist’s guide to building a six-figure business with fun, freedom and passion. Available in paperback, PDF and audio.

Think about this… the person with the most behavioural flexibility has the most amount of influence and right now, still in uncertain times even though many of us are through the worst of Covid, but with economic downturn a challenge for all it really is making the most sought after Therapists question themselves and needing to remember to believe in themselves.

It can be challenging knowing how to deal with ups and downs, highs and lows and build the muscle of resilience because none of us know what could be around the corner and boy did a Pandemic teach us that life can change ever so quickly and be so unpredictable.

Here are just a few of the awesome strategies you will learn from this book:

  • How to set up your website
  • Facebook posting strategy
  • Client acquisition cost
  • How to bring in cash quickly
  • The 4 growth pillars
  • FB Ad copy template
  • And much more…..

Gaining the tools to help shift the mindset of your business being just a ‘hobby’ to being a successful career and sustainable income.

With the current environment I truly believe this book is a must have for new or experienced Therapists in business.

Not only will you love the message delivered but I am also so proud to share this book has also been featured in the Massage and Myotherapy Journal – Summer 2023 edition.

“Fully booked Without Burnout” is something that you can listen to as an audio on your morning walk or by the pool where we take you through the steps to filling your appointment book CONSISTENTLY while enjoying every day what you do!

Together myself and James have had over 40 years of combined experience in massage and business and just like you we have ridden the business wave, made the mistakes and learnt a lot along the way! And right now is the time we want to share our greatest secrets of success!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level make the purchase today and find out more right here:




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