How To Absolutely NAIL your Marketing in 2016

How To Absolutely NAIL your Marketing in 2016

My Name is Elicia from Fully Booked Without Burnout – I’m a business Coach for Massage Therapists.

My goal is to help Therapists get business – so that they understand how grow their business and impact more people with Massage.

One of the reasons I started Coaching was because I saw so many great Massage Therapists who totally rock at what they do but they don’t know how to attract more of their ideal clients or have the confidence to promote what it is they do.

How to Absolutely NAIL your Marketing in 2016

For the last 15 years of running OG Massage we have tried a few different things to promote, advertise and market Massage in our local Community of Ocean Grove in Victoria, Australia. While there are 30 other Massage Therapists in our town alone, we have been at the point of seeing over 100 clients per week in our clinic. There are 4 really important things I learned, that when put in place, will sort your marketing for a whole year and set you up for success right from the start.

While some people can’t get it right for a few days this will ensure that you can sort yours for 12 months!

Knowledge: Know your client

When you think about your best day ever, who are you treating? I know we are not meant to have favourite clients, but we all have them.. These are your target market and guess what, it doesn’t have to be age or gender specific – it could be a set of beliefs or what they enjoy doing, like sport.

Theme: Pick your overarching yearly theme and then your 3-7 pillars

The biggest objection most Therapists have around marketing is that they just don’t know what to say. One easy way to get some clarity around it all is to come up with an overarching theme for an entire year – like Creating Exceptional Health in 2016. Then there are always key messages we are banging on about to our clients, like drinking wanter, actually doing those stretches we gave them and the importance of self-care are some examples. Think about what yours are and start using them in your marketing!

Platform: Where will you market – pick where your people will be hanging out

Where will you promote your clinic? What options do you have online and off line? Where are your people hanging out? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked in? What newspapers do you have in your local area? Which ones do your audience read? Get in front of them there.

Seasonal calendar: what do you want to promote throughout the year that your market would engage with? Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Australia Day, Christmas etc. For instance, if you wanted to do something for Australia day, you need to start to plan it now, if you wanted to advertise a special or dress up (don’t laugh, I’ve had my staff wearing board shorts and zinc cream each year now for about 5 years!) The point is, it takes time to organise, so plan out your year.

What you need to do is figure out your idea client, who do you LOVE treating and getting results for? Once you’ve got this, marketing becomes much easier and giving your consistent message will  engage your audience easily and quickly, making doing the do of business as seamless as choosing the right techniques when treating a client.

The awesome thing is investing time working ON your business not just in your business will increase the clients who pick up the phone calling for an appointment which means we get to help even more people.

By understanding these 4 steps, you can create the stability of seeing clients regularly which will allow you to run a successful business that will have the impact you desire.

If this is you, get in touch, I am offering  a FREE 15 min consultations to help ensure Massage therapists across Australia are really ramping up their business in 2016

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Elicia Crook



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