How one week REVOLUTIONISED Ali’s Massage Business


You KNOW this story. You’ve probably LIVED this story or might even STILL be living it. It’s the story of starting out in business thinking that you MUST be available to ALL TYPES of clients 24/7 to GROW as a business.

SURE, that works… for about a WEEK before you burn yourself out and GO NUTS without a break.

This is where Ali found herself before signing up to the Fully Booked Without Burnout course ALL THE WAY from the UK!

Seeing only 6 clients a week but steadily getting busier, she thought if she had her SYSTEMS in place, she’d be okay. Little did she know, it wasn’t the SYSTEMS, but her MINDSET that needed to change.

Just ONE WEEK into the course, Ali says her mind was BLOWN and she had ALL of her BREAKTHROUGHS in that first 7 days.

Listen to her journey and watch to the END for her AMAZING analogy of the experience.


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