How this Hot Stones massage therapist built a team, a website and an online training program

Christine Knox is an amazing remedial therapist who uses Hot Stones in a unique way in every treatment.

Hear how Christine used to struggle with technology, but moved from barely being able to send an email… to creating a beautiful website, and running successful Facebook advert campaigns.

NOW she even runs an online training program teaching other therapists about her hot stones techniques.

As if overcoming the tech challenges wasn’t enough, Christine has also been able to build her reputation in a new country, employ staff, and change her behind-the-scenes systems to make it all run better as she has grown.

None of this has been “easy”! But with the right steps in place Christine been able to navigate a tonne of changes and is loving the journey. Inspirational!

If this is you – If YOU are in a place that you know you have the passion and you have what it takes to succeed in your Massage business BUT you don’t have the right strategy to get there, you have tried all sorts of stuff and got nowhere, then I’m offering YOU a 15 Min FREE clarity session where we can get you clear on what is holding you back and where you need to focus your energy.

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