How do you run an exceptional massage business?

If you’re working for yourself already you’ll know that a business is made up of a lot of moving parts.

When the pieces fit together smoothly, the engine runs well. But if something is missing or out of balance… well, it’s rough.

In this series Elicia looks at 15 Steps to run an exceptional massage business.

( Originally done as a series of live videos on our Massage Champions Facebook Page )

1. Why Nobody Cares What You Do… and How To Fix It!

2. How To Create The World You Live In

3. The Powerful Art Of Goal Setting and Why It Never Works For You

4. Re-Booking and YOU – Why it’s a must!

5. Do I Really Need Massage Booking Software?

6. Does This Facebook stuff REALLY work for MASSAGE?

7. Living above the line and coming from cause…

8. Are You Letting The Tail Wag The Dog In Your Massage Business?

9. $90 for a MASSAGE?!

10. Is MLM really of the Devil??

11. How to have Courage in the face of Criticism

12. … DON’T watch this video!!

13. Do you REALLY need to use LIVE video?

14. How do you scale your Knowledge and Experience?

15. What would happen if you could have everything you ever wanted?

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