Ep49: Frances Brodie on Working safely in massage

Frances Brodie is a fantastic Bowen therapist and Workplace Safety specialist who uses her skills and experience in both arenas to help give people peace of mind.

Hear how her passion for treating her bodywork clients has combined with her occupation of 25 years of improving the health and safety of workplaces, to reveal an insight to Frances that many clinic spaces are not as safe as they should be. Although health care might be seen as a “low risk” profession… that is not the same as “no risk”.

Clients that feel safe and happy are more likely to be confidently connected. As we all focus even more closely on our safety practices in the current time, tune in to hear this Frances share how to reduce risk and retain more clients.

Watch and learn from Frances Brodie here:


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  1. Dani Penrith
    Dani Penrith says:

    Hey Frances & Elicia,
    What a great interview – loads of important points to think about for the safety of the business, it’s employees & clients. So good. As a lone practitioner. – one thing I’m always mindful of is, having an elderly client come into the studio to receive their treatment. Treatment may have begun – hence, client is wearing the bare essentials – what if client has a heart attack or seizure whilst having a treatment. I haven’t come across anything like this before but it’s always on the back of my mind. I know where the closest Defibrillator is – though as I’m on my own I can’t leave the client and phone is in seperate room. Suggestions?

    • Frances Brodie
      Frances Brodie says:

      Hi Dani, great question! In this instance I would do what we’re taught in first aid: DRSABCD. The first priority is danger to yourself, followed by danger to the client. Sending for help comes after. Once their seizure has settled then you can get your phone and call for help. However you may like to consider whether it would be better having your phone in the room with you – perhaps in a pouch hanging on the inside of the door? That way it’s out of the way but still accessible in an emergency.


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