Ep47: Nadine Champion shares her INSPIRING journey on martial arts and mindset

Sometimes, we need to look INWARDLY to find the source of STRENGTH, RESILIENCE, and COMPASSION for ourselves; to REALLY unearth that HIDDEN POWER that drives us.

Nadine Champion – champion in NAME and LIFE – is a professional speaker, high performance mindset coach, and martial arts expert who has WORKED HARD both PHYSCIALLY and MENTALLY to get to a space of success.

RIGHT from her childhood, Nadine was DRAWN to martial arts, and as she delved FURTHER into the discipline, she discovered how MUCH MORE there was to learn in the intensity, physicality, beauty, and SELF-REFLECTION it offered.

Nadine has been through some INCREDIBLY challenging things from losing her brother to lung cancer, then going through cancer HERSELF. Through these experiences, she learnt to be KIND to herself, stay GROUNDED in reality, and that life is a CONSTANT opportunity to LEARN and GROW.

Nadine’s story focuses on the importance of MENTORS, the POWER of self-reflection, and the RIGHT MINDSET to achieve and get through ANYTHING. 

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