Ep42: Drew Browne learnt about income protection insurance the HARD way

Imagine this – you’re starting to kick-off your business journey or you might be well on your way to success, then suddenly, you fall ill or sustain an injury and BAM… you can’t work.

What would you DO??? How would your business and finances SURVIVE???

Drew Browne, owner of Sapience Financial and Investment Services, learnt that lesson the HARD way. With a BOOMING career in the legal profession, a family and a mortgage, Drew’s life was FLIPPED upside down by a tumour that SNATCHED away his ability to work and left him unable to even SPEAK for two years!

He lost his career, income, voice, and COUNTLESS other important things in one fell swoop. Thankfully, he recovered, but learnt a HARSH lesson about the VALUE of income protection insurance and decided to dedicate his career to helping OTHERS avoid the same potential fate.

Listen to his FASCINATING story and get some of the best FREE general advice about all things insurance and finance.


Drew Browne Official Website: https://drewbrowne.com.au/

Drew Browne on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrewBrowne/

Watch Drew’s interview here:

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