Ep40: Leesa Dawson on how uniforms and fashion CAN mix

When we think of the TYPICAL uniform seen in the massage and beauty world, the words ‘FASHIONABLE’ and ‘STYLISH’ don’t exactly come to mind!

Leesa Dawson is CHANGING the GAME with her business, The Uniform Stylist, bringing FASHION, COMFORT, and PRACTICALITY into the industry’s workwear.

Backed by 20 years in the fashion industry and armed with a PASSION for helping the wellness and beauty fields ENHANCE their business aesthetics, Leesa’s 12-month young business is BOOMING with demand.

Born of a NEED expressed by industry professionals for a more DYNAMIC and APPEALING uniform choice, Leesa spent COUNTLESS hours working hand-in-hand with people in the biz to trial and test what worked and what DIDN’T work for them until they perfected the prototype.

Listen to how Leesa marries fashion and FUNCTIONALITY in her custom uniform designs that offer a much-needed ALTERNATIVE to the traditional tunic.


The Uniform Stylist Website: https://www.theuniformstylist.com/
The Uniform Stylist on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheUniformStylist/

Watch Leesa’s interview here:

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