EP37: Ellie Hofland shares her tactics for INCREDIBLE business growth

For most of us starting out in business, growth is a slow and steady journey.

BUT what happens when we find ourselves growing TOO much and TOO fast? How do we make sure we’re taking time for ourselves and not on the fast train to BURNING OUT.

Ellie Hofland runs White Fox Massage in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW and found herself with the AMAZING problem of experiencing INSANE growth over a 12-week period and ending up with TOO many clients!

Starting out, Ellie learnt the foundational business skills she needed from working in a day spa and local massage parlours around her town, giving her the insight into what TO do and what NOT to do in business.

Ellie shares some of the tactics she used to BOOST her growth, the positive mindset and trust in the universe she needed, and some of the challenges she faced in saying ‘no’ to other people and ‘yes’ to herself in order to maintain balance.


White Fox Massage Website: https://www.whitefoxmassage.com.au/
White Fox Massage Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteFoxMassage/

Listen to Ellie’s UNBELIEVABLE success story!

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