EP35: Gary Plumridge talks MONEY! What to do and what NOT to do with your finance

Rent, mortgage, bills, overheads, staff, leisure, and everyday expenses. All these things cost MONEY. And let’s face it; we can’t move our accountants into the spare bedroom to be on-hand for sorting this stuff out.

The world of finance can be EXHAUSTING to manage, and the right decisions aren’t always obvious.

Gary Plumridge has 24 years of financial planning under his belt, building a VERY successful business and helping small and large businesses navigate their financial journey to avoid the TRAPS in managing money.

Gary shares with us some of his BEST tips of what to do and what NOT to do with your business finance. He talks about the power of goal-setting, the importance of financial decisions in EVERY aspect of life, and some of the TEMPTATIONS that can lead to disaster.

Listen to this INCREDIBLE episode, and how you can use Gary’s advice to work SMARTER, recognise dangerous financial temptations, and start to seize opportunities that could change your life!

Watch the interview with Gary:

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