EP31: From garage to giant, Timely CEO, Ryan Baker’s business journey

You’re probably familiar with the INCREDIBLE booking and time management software, Timely.

But how did this business go from ‘garage’ phase to one of the TOP THREE booking software companies across the health and wellness industries in just SIX years?

Ryan Baker, Timely CEO and co-founder takes us through the biggest CHALLENGES and biggest WINS of turning a dream into a hugely successful global solution.

Starting out as three programmers living across New Zealand and Malta, the list of challenges they faced in the early days was LONG.

The BIGGEST hurdle for Timely was not only developing their NAME in the software space, but also establishing CREDIBILITY amongst a sea of massage therapists and other health businesses that had been BURNT by other tech companies promising solutions and not delivering.

Ryan’s story of Timely starts as ALL small businesses do, but quickly explains the strategies and constant self-evaluation and strive to improve that sees them with a growing 10,000 business customer base across 80 different countries!

Listen in and discover how Timely went from garage dream to tech GIANT!


Timely https://www.gettimely.com/

Watch the video here:

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