EP29: Growing and selling 20 businesses with Dr T

Growing even one successful business is a HUGE accomplishment that takes time, effort and dedication. Imagine what it would be like to grow TWENTY!

Even with one business… it seems like you’re CONSTANTLY looking around for great ideas and opportunities, all while peddling away at building your dream and juggling everything in between.

BUT, we all know that life sometimes likes to throw curve balls at your motivation, patience, and sometimes EVEN at your health, taking you from 100 to ZERO in the blink of an eye.

Podiatrist, author, podcaster and businessman extraordinaire, Dr Tyson E Franklin knows ALL about the windy journey of growing a business, spending the last 30 years building and selling 20 different successful podiatry practices!

Dr T’s success is NOT without its challenges though! In-fact, his FIRST major challenge in dealing with a devastating blow to his health would be the catalyst for the MASSIVE pivot he had to make to survive in the business world.

Listen in to his incredible story on how he learnt to systemise, compromise, and think DIFFERENTLY about his approach to business!


Tyson E. Franklin: https://www.tysonfranklin.com/

Watch the interview here:

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