EP28: James and Elicia on mixing relationships and business

There’s an age-old saying about relationships and business – “THEY DON’T MIX!!!”

You’ve probably been warned that it ALWAYS ends badly with one person getting duped by the other and the relationship ending as fast as the idea was had!

Relationships can be tricky but rewarding, testing but exciting, turbulent but INCREDIBLE – and they are also one of the most AMAZING things you can have in your life.

Whether it’s your partner in marriage, family, or a close friend, you have a bond that can be STRENGTHENED by going into business together!

James and Elicia Crook are CHALLENGING the relationship-business DISASTER stereotype by sharing their bag of tricks for successfully working alongside each other in marriage for 18 years, and in their business for 2 years.

They explore how having great communication, standards, expectations and boundaries can actually ENHANCE your connection AND your business!

They will take you through the ups and downs of their experience and their BEST advice for navigating the challenging waters of relationships and business.

Watch Elicia & James here:

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