EP16: How Dave Sheehan reinvents himself while travelling the World running seminars

David Sheehan got his start in massage through his training in human movement and working with sports players.

He now runs Complementary Health Seminars, an international training business teaching massage therapists through live workshops and online.

But the pathway in between includes international travel, building a corporate business, burning out, massaging his aging mother, doing corporate massage, and discovering his love for massage, health… and teaching.

David is a great connector and in this interview he shares hear how he searches out opportunities and how he partners with other therapists and trainers to provide seminars and online training for a variety of therapists.

Hear how he started, what he did to first expand internationally, what his three biggest challenges were, and his practical steps for how you can overcome the same challenges as you look to the future.

Or watch the video interview with Dave Sheehan here:


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