EP11: Kristie Melling – Massage Therapist, Podcaster and Community Leader

Kristie Melling is known for her massage industry podcast “Rubbed The Wrong Way” and as a community leader with massage in Australia.

Kristie started massaging clients from a room in a chiropractic clinic over 16 years ago, and learnt how to build a loyal client base as she worked alongside other therapists at various clinics and in different situations.

Hear how Kristie was mentored and what it was like when she discovered how to connect with different kinds of people, and how social media has changed the game. Kristie’s personal ideas on how to use Facebook may surprise you.

Kristie also shares how she ran her own studio at one point and as she hired staff she discovered a fantastic system to get quick clients in bulk. A great technique that you can try as well!

AND you’ll hear about Misfit Massage, a grass-roots community designed to empower therapists as a group.


Or watch the video interview here:


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