EP09: Employee VS Subcontractor – Get clarity on hiring, from employee expert Natasha Hawker

Are you an employee or a subcontractor? Do you know the difference?

Did you know it’s NOT A CHOICE?!

This is an area of confusion and concern in our industry at the moment as our associations, the ATO and even ASIC are weighing in with to tell us that following the rules is important. You may have heard of the fines and other risks that result from getting it wrong.

But… there is not a lot of clarity around what the rules actually mean, or how to follow them.

This interview gives you that clarity.

If you prefer, you can watch the interview here on video:



Natasha Hawker is an employment expert for small businesses, director of Employee Matters and author of “From Hire To Fire”.

In this interview Natasha shares with us how massage therapists can tell what sort of agreement they should be under, and what to do if it looks like you are working with a “sham contract” as a therapist or employer.


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