EP06: Jenny Richards from Rumbles Lifestyle Hub (and baker of Paleo cookies!)

Discover how this “accidental entrepreneur” grew her Australia-wide paleo business and is launching into online health training.

Jenny Richards left her teaching career to begin baking paleo cookies, starting from a 2-shelf oven in her mother’s kitchen before opening her own cookie factory and partnering with Pete Evans.

Rumbles Paleo cookies are now available across Australia and Jenny is taking her business to the next level by launching an online Paleo cooking school.

Hear Jenny share how she identified what it was her existing customers needed and how she then created her online program to connect with them in a more impacting way.


For Jenny’s membership program see rumbleslifestylehub.com.au

And Jenny has given us a FREE cookbook with a week’s worth of paleo recipes, download exclusively here: rumbleslifestylehub.com.au/massagechampions


If you prefer, you can watch the podcast interview on video here!

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