Ep 39: From autism to cerebral palsy – Tim Nelson talks disability massage therapy

We could ALL talk for HOURS on the BAZILLION different ways massage therapy can help people.
From relaxation to remedial, increasing someone’s range of movement and helping to restore BALANCE to the body can have a STRONG and LASTING impact.

Nowhere is this MORE evident than in the disability community.

Tim Nelson comes from a HEART-WARMING journey of specialising in the field of disability massage therapy with a career spanning 20 years in treating clients with intellectual, physical, and acquired disabilities.

Starting out as a jack of ALL trades in cattle boning, gym instructing, and an Aussie rules footy career cut short by injury, Tim gave it all up for a career in massage therapy.

His first four clients ALL had disabilities, and he made the decision THEN AND THERE that disability massage was his calling.

Tim takes us through how TRUST and UNDERSTANDING underpin his business model, and the UPS and DOWNS of specialising in such a niche field of massage.

Watch the interview here:

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