From the edge of burnout to confident success

Simona had already been working as a therapist for many years and was seeing plenty of clients each week… BUT she’d fallen into the trap of working too much and always struggling financially because she thought that’s what small business owners were “meant to do”.

In fact, she felt so trapped by her business that it hit a point where she wanted to sell her business and move back to Europe.

Hear how Simona was working 7 days a week seeing up to 40 clients and feeling burnout approaching, and has changed to working 4 days a week and seeing a maximum of 35 clients comfortably, and being more profitable than ever before.

This shift was in mindset as much as structure, so listen in to hear Simona share the powerful steps she has put in place to confidently create her success and celebrate her achievements.

And PS… Simona has recently become an Australian citizen – congratulations Simona!


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