Case Study With Grace Anderson – RMT – How She Went From 4 Clients a Week To 80% Capacity In Just 4 Weeks

In this case study we talk to Grace about how she grew her Massage Business literally overnight

After Grace finished her fulltime job, she was only seeing 4 Massage clients a week. She knew she needed to change something but she didn't know what to do. She wasn't sure what the right steps to take were. She had tried a few things and it din't seem to be working. 

What Grace shows us beautifully here is how to market a business resourcefully and get the right results by taking the right steps. Really listen in because at about the 7 min mark - Grace shares the exact steps she took to grow her business.

She is now at a place where she can choose her own hours, employ staff.

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  Elicia Crook 

Elicia Crook - Business Coach For Massage Therapists

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  1. Lauren R.
    Lauren R. says:

    Gracie’s story is so great. I did see and hear some similarities in her story to mine. I took notes throughout her story. My favourite quotes: “you attract what you put out” and “in business you got to be better or different” yes!


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