EP21: Bringing wellness to mining with "No BS Wellness Coach" Brendan Waddington

EP21: Bringing wellness to mining with “No BS Wellness Coach” Brendan Waddington

Connecting with your clients is more than just words; it’s making your message relatable and meaningful so that it really hits home for audiences.

Crafting your message doesn’t always have to be done the way others are doing it. Using your unique voice and attitude in the way you communicate can provide clients with a human connection that makes you and your brand stand out.

Brendan Waddington has been the ‘No BS’ Wellness Advisor for a mining company for over three years, looking after the health and wellbeing of miners in remote areas. In a typically male-dominated environment, Brendan reveals to us how he challenges the ‘wellness message’ stereotype and connects with the blokiest of blokes using his unique voice and attitude.


Watch the interview with Brendan:

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