A Marketing campaign that got us a ton of new clients and it’s not flyers!

A Marketing campaign that got us a ton of new clients and it’s not flyers!

A Marketing campaign that got us a ton of new clients and it’s not flyers!

My Name is Elicia from Fully Booked Without Burnout – I’m a business Coach for Massage Therapists.
My goal is to help Therapists get business – so that they understand how grow their business and impact more people with Massage.
One of the reasons I started Coaching was because I saw so many great Massage Therapists who totally rock at what they do but they don’t know how to attract more of their ideal clients or have the confidence to promote what it is they do.
A Marketing campaign that got us a ton of new clients
Whenever a therapist talks to me about their marketing one of the first things them mention that they are doing is usually flyers. Let’s face it, they are cheap, they take up loads of time (great distraction when you need something to do because you’re not busy with clients!) and you can at least fell like your being productive! I’m yet to encounter anyone who has made their business thrive by distributing flyers.
Great, we know what we don’t want but how do we attract more of our ideal clients into our clinic/ massage rooms? Ideal clients who get what you do before they even come through the door. Clients that you love and guess what – its dead easy!

So the Number 1 campaign that we have run at different times over the last 15 years… Here it is:

Pick the month you want to run it for – lets say Feb.
For the month of Feb – every client who come in to your clinic will receive a GV/Letter to give to a family member or friend an offer to get them in the door and on your table – it could be a FREE 30 min massage (with the option to up grade for only…. $35) OR it might be a half price second massage or get your second massage free. This is the only time I ever advocate discounting and its only for a very specific time and for a very valid reason.

Why does this work though?
The reason that this works so well is because your clients already talk about you to their family and friends. “You have to see this person – they are the only ones that have helped me….” Then you give them an offer that can’t refuse.
I have found the more treatments a person has with you – the easier it is to build rapport with them which often creates more loyalty.
So while – yes, you might be discounting, it’s not a blanket rule to everyone. It is only to a select few clients who you see in a month. You might also want to give your client a little reward for their referral, like $5 off their next session with you or a little gift to say thanks.

By understanding that discounting and fliers are never a great way to go and that there is a way of building your client base that’s easy and simple these 2 steps will help you build your business.



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