4 things every Massage Therapists should know but were never taught

4 things every Massage Therapists should know but were never taught

My Name is Elicia from Fully Booked Without Burnout – I’m a business Coach for Massage Therapists.
I help Massage Therapists and Myotherapists get business – so that they understand how grow their business and impact more people with Massage
One of the reasons I started Coaching was because I saw so many great Therapists who totally rock at what they do but they don’t know how to attract more of their ideal clients or have the confidence to promote what it is they do.

There are really 4 things every Massage Business needs in order to be successful

Attract – Know who you treat not just what
We all know that we massage – we treat trigger points, we can do sports or relaxation massage but interestingly enough, no one buys on the benefits of WHAT is done. We buy based on Why – Why do you get up in the morning and why should anyone care? Think back to when you first started massaging, why did you study it? What did you want to be able to do for people? When we start tapping into those emotions, we begin to get our ‘WHY’ which helps us understand the mission we are on.

Marketing – Create an overarching marketing theme and back that up with your 3-5 pillars and just talk about them
The biggest objection most Therapists have around marketing is that they just don’t get it. One easy way to get some clarity around it is to come up with an over arching theme for an entire year – like Creating Exceptional Health in 2016. Then there are always key messages we are banging on about to our clients, like drinking wanter, actually doing those stretches we gave them and the importance of self-care are some examples. Think about what yours are and start using them in your marketing!

Connect – Re book your clients for as long as they need you
To re book or not to re book – that is the question… If we fix them, then why do they need to come back? I think a better question is, when we fix them, how will they maintain that awesome state? In this over stimulated world of craziness, we all need a place to jump off the mouse wheel for a bit and chillout and do self care and I believe massage is a big part of that.

Grow – Leverage the foundations to create stability in the business – Constantly seeing your ideal amount of clients per week.
Change is inevitable – growth is a choice. When we get the foundations right and a regular stream of clients becomes consistency in our lives, it is often a sign that we are growing and changing on the inside to. When we make the decision to grow, we need to be open to new possibilities and changing people lives in an even bigger way.

What you need to do is figure out your ideal client, who do you LOVE treating and getting results for? Once you’ve got this, marketing becomes much easier and giving your consistent message will engage your audience easily and quickly, making doing the do of business as seamless as choosing the right techniques when treating a client.

If you apply these steps, you will start to see more of your ideal client coming through the door and create strong momentum that will enable rapid growth in your massage business
by understanding these 4 steps, you can create the stability of seeing clients regularly which will allow you to run a successful business that will have the impact you desire.

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I help Massage Therapists serve with even more passion, clarity and abundance. Utilizing a specific blueprint  that shows you really can have it all. Change lives, impact the world and create a rocking massage business! Im offering FREE Clarity Sessions to help Massage Therapists move forward in their business and help more people. Enter your name, email and number to apply for the session and we’ll contact you to book in a time.


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